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Handheld HART Communicator – Updated

HART Expert are very pleased to announce the update of our Handheld HART Communicator (COM-2) to the new BV5900 rugged phone, supporting increased processing power and battery life, comfortably providing a days use on a single charge. COM-2 supports the complete configuration of all HART, HART-IP and WirelessHART devices. This ready to use out of the box Handheld HART Communicator utilises the BV5900 rugged Smartphone water & dust proof to IP68. It provides the advantage of integrating HART configuration in a small, flexible and powerful smartphone, bringing new levels of productivity to HART configuration.

Our HART Communicator conversion for Android phones and Tablets is very popular with customers wanting to use their own Smartphone or Tablet, but we were often asked if we could also provide a Smartphone or Tablet with it. Following testing of many devices we selected a device providing flexibility, ease of use. long battery life and ruggedness.

If you have any questions about our Handheld HART Communicator please don’t hesitate to ask.