HART Communicator Conversion for Android Phones and Tablets

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HART Communicator Conversion for Android Phones and Tablets. Provides complete HART device configuration (including HART 7, HART-IP and WirelessHART) using your Android device.

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HART Communicator Conversion for Android Phones and Tablets

This HART Communicator Conversion for Android Phones and Tablets (called COM-Droid) is everything you need to turn an Android Phone/Tablet (e.g. Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Motorola, etc.) into a Handheld HART Communicator. It is the most cost-effective HART configuration solution available for HART devices.

If you have an Android Phone/Tablet and want to configure wired HART devices, this Handheld HART Communicator conversion for Android will enable you to do it quickly and easily.

This product is intended for customer that already have an Android Tablet/Smartphone to use as a Handheld HART Communicator. If you don’t already have an Android Tablet/Smartphone then you should select a “HART Communicator“.


  • Configuration of all HART devices, including HART 7, HART-IP and WirelessHART devices using your Android Phone/Tablet
  • Supports all Bluetooth HART ModemsWirelessHART Gateways and HART-IP devices
  • Supports HART DD files directly, no modified/special DD’s required. You can add new HART devices just by adding the DD file without having to pay any update/maintenance charges
  • Create and save HART device configuration templates for easy configuration of batches of HART devices (HART device cloning). Templates can also be shared with all our HART Communicators (Windows PC/Laptop/Tablet and Android Phone/Tablet)
  • Document HART device configurations in PDF or TXT format. Provides reports/audit trails of HART device configurations – View a sample PDF Report
  • Monitor any device parameter (e.g. PV, Multi-Variables, Device Status, etc)
  • View and edit device variables. Device writes can be made in batches to speed up device configuration, hence saving time if several variables need to be changed
  • Supplied with a Bluetooth HART modems to support wire free use of the Handheld HART Communicator. The Bluetooth HART Modem isolates your Smartphone/Tablet from potentially damaging voltage levels when connecting to HART field devices and networks
  • A white paper on the advantages of a mobile app based HART Communicator is here


  • Supports all HART devices including HART 7, HART-IP and WirelessHART
  • Device menu structure is easy to navigate
  • Get to the information you want quickly
  • Complies with new EDDL (Enhanced DDL) standard (IEC 61804-3)
  • Comes with all the latest registered DD’s from the HART Foundation
  • Complete access to all features of the device DD including Methods
  • Full documentation and free support provided
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Guaranteed to work with Android Phones/Tablets that have Bluetooth and Android version 4.3 or later

What you will get:

  1. HART Communicator Conversion for Android Phones/Tablets (called “COM-Droid”). This product consists of an Android App for a Phone/Tablet (called DevComDroid), a Bluetooth HART Modem (called HM-BT-BAT-ER), and 5 HART Shunt / Loop resistors
  2. The software is protected by a software license key. You will receive a license key entitling installation on a single Android device
  3. A CD containing:
    • Handheld HART Communicator App for Android (DevComDroid)
    • User Manual
  4. You will additionally be sent any HART DD library updates issued by the FieldComm Group (formerly the HART Communication Foundation) for a period of 12 months after your purchase. Typically, the FieldComm Group issues updates every 3 – 6 months. After 12 months we will stop automatically sending you updates, however, you can either contact us for any updates you want or freely download any DD updates from the “supplier product catalogue” of the FieldComm Group’s HART website, www.hartcommproduct.com

What you will need (i.e. not included):

  1. An Android Phone/Tablet with Bluetooth
  2. A way of powering the HART device you want to configure, typically 24Vdc
  3. If configuring HART-IP or WirelessHART devices you will need a network connection (e.g. WiFi) to your HART Gateway. You will already have a HART Gateway if you have a working installation of HART-IP or WirelessHART devices, see the system diagram above

Downloads (Datasheet, Manual, Files, etc):

Please see the Downloads tab above.


HART Communicator Conversion for Android Phones and Tablets

HART Communicator Conversion for Android (COM-Droid) Datasheet

HART Communicator Conversion for Android (COM-Droid) User Manual

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